Which Foods Are High In Phosphorus?

For the correct process of formation of bones and teeth, people must consume the necessary amount of minerals because these elements allow not only in childhood stages grow teeth but later helps to fortify and provides that in adulthood, there are not such high levels of decalcification. One of the essential minerals is phosphorus, and this compound is found mainly in animal products.


This animal product is one of the richest in minerals and nutrients. Being a bluefish is rich in omega 3, and healthy fats for our body, this type of fat allows the levels of bad cholesterol to be reduced, thus allowing better flow in the blood, thus preventing the formation of clots in the blood. For all these benefits that salmon provides, it is highly recommended not only to help strengthen the teeth but also to prevent other diseases. The benefits of salmon are compared to sardines.


Due to the nutritional composition of the egg, it can be said to be one of the complete foods. Mainly in the yolk, we can find that it is composed mostly of proteins, lipids, and water. This food is ideal for obtaining choline, this element helps the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, so it is a meal that should not be missing in pregnant women. Talking about the vitamins and minerals provided by the egg, we can find that in this little food is possible to concentrate almost all the vitamins that humans need; the primary minerals that compose it are phosphorus, zinc, iron, and iodine. So it is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Sunflower seeds

These seeds are in the center of the flower and bring many benefits to the human. It is an authoritative source of antioxidants, so it helps to keep the body’s cells in good condition, avoiding diseases that can occur due to lack of antioxidants. Also, the seeds provide many minerals that help the proper functioning of bones, teeth, and other compounds of the body; its main minerals are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. The fat provided by these seeds are among the healthiest, so it keeps the body in good condition.


Apart from being a vigorous food, chocolate is an excellent source of nutrients. Cocoa, its natural compound, is composed of good fat that allows the levels of saturated fat in the body not to rise. Chocolate also produced a substance that helps as antidepressants; this substance called phenylethylamine is also secreted when the person is in love. Its high content of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium allows different structures of the body to work correctly. The chocolate must be natural, that is to say, that it is not those that contain sugar because if this type of chocolate is consumed, we will not be able to obtain the benefits already mentioned.

Why is it necessary to eat foods with phosphorus?

This element is fundamental for the growth and strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as allowing cells and tissues to be maintained in perfect condition. Phosphorus is a crucial component for energy storage as it helps to produce ATP. To obtain the benefits of phosphorus, there mustn’t be excessive consumption of this mineral because it can cause cardiovascular problems that can put in risk the health of the person.

It is necessary that, if there are already problems related to the teeth or other diseases associated with the lack of phosphorus, immediately see a dentist Tijuana and nutritionists and doctors who can help to have a balance of this mineral in the body.