The Power Of Vitamins

Much has been said about vitamins, but do we really know their functions?

This organic element is present in all the foods we consume and are essential for metabolism. There are many of these components by what they are classified according to their chemical compound or by the similarity of their functions, so they are an essential key to combat and prevent various diseases; Because the family of vitamins is extensive, only some of the best known will be described.


Better known as vitamin A, this compound is characterized by being soluble in fats found in nature and pigments such as carotenes.

The vitamin is present in foods of animal and vegetable origin, the last in those that contain the element of carotenes, such as carrots. Retinol is characterized by being an excellent antioxidant that helps us eliminate the free radicals we get from exposure to the sun and keep our DNA intact from possible mutations. One of its primary functions is to keep the skin, muscle membranes, bones, and teeth in good condition. And not least, it helps liver enzymes, in sex and adrenal hormones.

When the person has a vitamin A deficit, there may be symptoms of early blindness and dry skin and eyes. The fact that it has many benefits doesn’t mean that excessive consumption of the vitamin is convenient since it can be counterproductive for health, such as bone problems and other disorders.

Vitamin B1

Also known as Thiamine, it is one of the most unstable vitamins because its structure can be modified more easily since foods that contain this component if cooked at a high temperature, can lose their benefits.

One of the main functions of the vitamin is that it helps the metabolism of carbohydrates, so it allows oxidation. The lack of thiamine blocks and decreases the body’s energy, which causes damage to the tissues and the brain.

This vitamin is easily absorbed in the small intestine, but the amount that is stored in the body is minimal since the body doesn’t have the capacity to retain enough. This compound is found mainly in organs such as the brain and the heart.

 Vitamin E

It is a compound that is definitely present in many foods we consume; This vitamin serves as an antioxidant for the protection of cells. Vitamin E is dispensable to the body as it stimulates the immune system to fight the microorganisms that cause diseases. On the other hand, it allows the dilation of the vessels, therefore, prevents blood clotting.

Really excessive consumption of this element doesn’t harm the body, of course, if its use comes from natural products. But if through pills, the risks of bleeding and bleeding increase, so it is not recommended excessive consumption using medicines.

Likewise, consuming this vitamin E in periodontal diseases helps fight bacteria and stimulate the immune system, making it a great ally to keep teeth strong and healthy.

As we could see, vitamins really have an essential function in the body since they strengthen the structures of our body, eliminating everything that can affect us. Therefore it is recommended that the food is full of vitamins, so it is advisable to consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. If there is any doubt about the functions of vitamins in the teeth, you can go to a minimally invasive dentist in Tijuana.