The Benefits Of Eating Yogurt

The secret of maintaining a healthy organism is attributed to several things, but diet is the one that weighs the heaviest. A balanced diet will allow the body to remain healthy and less prone to disease; that’s why. Many nutritionists and specialists in different areas of health, such as dentists in Tijuana, recommend a nutrient-rich diet. One of the essential foods that can have is yogurt and is that thanks to its consumption, it is possible to obtain bacteria that favor the functioning of the body. Not only to improve the intestinal flora, but yogurt has effects on different parts of the body.

Benefits of consuming yogurt

The experts indicate that to obtain all the nutritional contributions of this product, it is necessary that at least once a day, people consume this rich food. This dairy product helps prevent various diseases thanks to lactic acid bacteria.

Improves intestinal transit

It was already well known to society and health experts that yogurt helped to improve intestinal transit, i.e., to combat constipation and calm the symptoms of diarrhea, but it has been observed that it has various benefits in different parts. For example, it helps combat multiple symptoms that can be caused by heartburn, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Speaking of digestion and the benefits that are obtained, its consumption is perfect for those individuals who suffer from digestive problems, mainly related to difficulties when evacuating and those who have damage to the intestinal flora due to the consumption of certain drugs.

Bacteria that help us stay healthy

The bacteria that this product possesses are more beneficial in the organism than the milk itself because it goes through specific fermentation processes where the bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and Streptococcus thermophilus are produced. These microorganisms will take care of the yogurt to obtain its texture. To be able to reproduce these bacteria, the companies in charge of making this food keeps the milk at high temperatures to eliminate specific pathogens and promote the reproduction of good microorganisms. To produce their creamy texture, the main characteristic of yogurt, they use the energy provided by the lactose to convert it into lactic acid; in doing so, the proteins coagulate. Once this process is finished, the product is cooled.

Nutritious food

In short, it is a diet rich in nutrients compared to the percentage of calories it has, so it is known as a superfood. To know all the nutrients they provide, remember that dairy contains minerals essential for bone growth and strengthening, such as phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Vitamins such as A and D, among other nutrients. The yogurt contributes between 15% of the daily dietary contribution; when counting on excellent participation of calcium and in combination with the PH that this product possesses, it is possible that this essential mineral can be absorbed by the bone and all those structures that depend on calcium.

Because of all the nutrients it provides, it is an ideal food for those people who are under a vegetarian diet so that there is no decompensation of nutrients. On the other hand, some yogurts are low in fat, so, if the person is on a diet or worried about not gaining weight, you can opt for the consumption of this food.