Recommended Exercises For Older Adults

We all know that as we get older, specific physical skills are lost that years ago could be done without any problem. Still, with the wear and tear of bones, ligaments, and muscles, these activities become more difficult for the elderly. Although it can be challenging to be in this stage, the older adult must continue to perform physical movements that allow him to not have a total loss of mobility. It is for this reason that one or another Senior care in Mexico has within its program of activities the exercise together with the elderly.

Not because a person is within the age established by the WHO, it means that they should reduce their physical activities, on the contrary, it is at this stage that physical exercise should be encouraged most so that as people age, they do so healthily and stably. It is necessary to make it clear that because physical activities are carried out, they have to be heavy, it is not needed. Exercises for older adults are special and aim to improve the condition of the person, as well as increase their strength and energy.

These physical activities must be adapted to the individual’s age so that injuries that could affect his health can be avoided. It is also necessary that the exercises be carried out under special care and with the help of a person who knows the subject.

Which exercise is the most recommended for older adults?

Gymnastics is definitely the ideal exercise for the elderly, but before starting the physical movements, everyone must warm-up before preparing the body for physical activity.


Starting from bottom to top

Legs: Beginning with this part of the body, older adults should be standing so that they only lift their heels. This exercise will allow the balance to be worked on, a factor that becomes more difficult with age.

Trunk and hip: The legs are separated so that they are aligned to the width of the shoulders. The thorax will be bent laterally so that there is a stretching of this area; this must be done from both sides. As for the hip, circles should be made to improve the movement of this area.

Neck and shoulders: For neck movements, the head should move sideways and up and down, thus relaxing the neck. Shoulders should rotate to improve mobility.

These are basic exercises that are performed in the warm-up; it is necessary to add other activities to ensure a proper warm-up of the whole body.

Exercises for the elderly

When exercising for the elderly, it is always recommended that after the warm-up, movements be performed to increase strength, such as squats or exercises focused on the area of the arms. These movements will allow people to improve the balance and, above all, the strength of the bones, joints, and muscles.

To exercise the central area of the body, exercises such as abdominal exercises and exercises for the back area can be performed. For these activities, it is recommended that people be in a comfortable place so that they do not suffer injuries to these parts of the body.

As in warm-up, more activities can be added to improve the physical condition of adults, but a specialist must monitor these activities.