Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

After a weight loss surgery in Mexico, there are many doubts regarding the diet that patients who have undergone this type of procedure should follow. It is necessary to specify that it is true that the kind of feeding must be modified to adapt to the new needs that the organism has, as well as to educate the body about the portions that it must consume daily. The alteration that the body suffers is a very sudden change for the body, so it is necessary that, for a quick recovery, there is a special diet.

Usually, people who undergo these surgeries have a higher level of obesity, which could be due to different reasons. Still, this disease is almost entirely linked to the type of diet. That’s why food is so essential in this type of person because for obvious reasons they cannot follow the same kind of diet, because if this same type of diet is developed, the person can fall in a rebound.

Things to consider in the diet

As mentioned, patients must follow a menu where the products are as optimal as possible, so it is necessary to pay attention to the following

Protein consumption

For a person who has had weight loss surgery, there needs to be complete control of protein-based foods. Although these foods improve the healing process and help the mass to be in condition, during the first weeks or even months, it is not possible to involve these foods as it is the meat. That is why, during these periods, it is recommended to take supplements that allow the obtaining of the protein.


It is an element that should be avoided as much as possible during the first weeks since the fat can cause reflux and complicate the healing process. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent the consumption of fatty products since the stomach is not in a condition to disintegrate the fat and will cause more significant ailments.


Although fiber is perfect for the body, in patients recovering from weight loss surgery, it can cause heaviness and reduced tolerance. That is why it is recommended that, if this element is to be consumed, it should be in the form of beta-glucans, so that the organism can tolerate them without any problem.

The ideal diet for the patient

Stomach capacity

At this point, we mean that the feeding should be based on the amount that you support in your stomach. After these surgeries, the stomach will not recommend the same amount of food as before. So, first of all, it will only be able to cope with small amounts. This during the first week or so, after that, it will increase until it reaches an ideal quantity.

Energy content

 Normally, during the first months, the body can only consume approximately 700 to 800 calories, so in this process, it is necessary to have the help of a nutritionist who can advise and adapt the patient’s diet.

The type of diet

When a person undergoes this type of surgery, he or she must bear in mind that during the first month, the food will be completely liquid, after which the consistency will change until it becomes solid. But it is a process that takes time.