Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast is an essential food for the person’s organism, and it helps the individual to have the energy for the whole day. Often people believe that, because it is the primary food, it is necessary to be high or have high percentages of fat or sugars to be active all day, but it is not. Although breakfast is, in fact, the most important meal of the day, our menu doesn’t need to be composed of this type of food; you can opt for healthier products that provide the same amount of energy without having so much fat percentage.

Every lifestyle is different, but the body must be full of the best nutrients, you know what type of food you can implement within your breakfast.

A person without enough activity

Those people who are sedentary, whether for pleasure or necessity, tend to store more fat within their body, so they gain weight quickly, to avoid this increase in kilos, the person has to take into account three things:

  • Avoid products based on flours, sugars, or saturated fat. It is better to opt for foods produced with cereals, fruits, or vegetables. This will help the individual feel satisfied with less portion and less calorie intake.
  • Breakfast may consist of a whole-wheat toast with fresh cheese and vegetables such as tomato, lettuce, spinach, or wheat germ. As a drink, you can choose an unsweetened green tea or a lactose-free latte.
  • For the snack, the right choice is a fruit or small portions of seeds such as walnuts or almonds; we recommend you to be a maximum of ten.

Active person

If you are a person who usually is active, the body must have enough nutrients so that you can have the energy needed for the whole day; for this, you can choose:

  • It is recommended that in the diet, there are foods high in folic acid, B6 vitamins, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The combination of all these nutrients helps the person to have an excellent performance.
  • For breakfast, an excellent option is the intake of a whole-wheat toast; this due to its high levels of vitamins and minerals combined with ham and a piece of fresh cheese and vegetables that provide more nutrients. The bread can be replaced by tortilla. It is also recommended to add yogurt with fruit and seeds.
  • The snack, you can consume fruits or some natural juice that avoids the drop in energy.

Person on diet

For these cases, it is a little complicated because much will depend on the regime to which the person is subject, but something that never fails is:

  • The fact that there is no breakfast does not mean that the person will lose weight; on the contrary, the only thing that will cause is an increase in the appetite of the individual due to lack of food. That’s why it’s essential to eat foods with whole grains.
  • At the time of breakfast, first of all, we advise you to drink a glass of water so that the stomach feels full, this will help the person feel satisfied faster. Concerning food, you can choose a sandwich containing fresh cheese and vegetables.
  • The snack, like the others, can be consumed for foods such as fruits or granolas.

Breakfast must have a calorie intake of 20 to 25%. This is where you get the most nutrients for the whole body. This type of food is ideal for women who underwent Mommy makeover surgery in Mexico.