Foods to eat and avoid from the age of 40 years

It is said that, from the age of 30, the body changes its functioning, and that is that, over time, the organism weakens. That is why it is essential that from the age of 40, people are modifying specific issues, mainly in the diet. The changes that are presented due to age are diverse, such as intestinal problems, flaccidity, muscle weakening, loss of bone mass, among others. These difficulties are more noticeable in older adults, where they already need assisted living in Mexico.

The diet from this age is of paramount importance because of the weakening of the body; it is necessary to feed it with potent sources of nutrients to give the person more strength and more stability.


One of the main characteristics that appear with age is the rapid decrease in estrogen; this means that it is easier for people over 40 years of age to begin to accumulate more fat deposits, mainly in the belly area. This can lead not only to weight-related problems but also to other diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular defects.

To reduce the amount of bad fat found in the body, it is recommended that individuals start eating almonds as they help lower the percentage of cholesterol. You can consume about ten almonds a day; it is necessary not to exceed this amount because the good fats in this food can become lousy fat, which is counterproductive.

Sweet drinks

This type of drink not only affects people over 40 years of age but also individuals of other ages. Talking about older ages, this type of sweet drink has a direct impact on intestinal health, causing inflammation, gas, inflammation, and other problems. Remember that sugary drinks also affect the percentages of sugar found within the body.

If you drink too many sugary drinks, you are more likely to have problems with diabetes and, therefore, other effects in different parts of your body. Many individuals opt for this type of fluid to hydrate themselves, but it is best to put it aside to hydrate with pure water. It is necessary to drink two liters of water a day to help purify the toxins found in our body, as well as help with the functioning of all internal and external organs.

Probiotic foods

One of the elements that are affected by age is the intestinal flora; if the microbiota found in the intestine is affected, the immune system will be weakened. To avoid this, it is necessary to consume products containing probiotics, i.e., fermented foods. Yogurt is one of the best foods because of its content of bacteria that helps to balance and strengthen the person’s intestinal microbiota.

Don’t forget the fiber

Another food that should never be missing in the diet is fiber. This is because, with age, the abdominal area is affected many more, so it is necessary to resort to products with high fiber content. It is recommended that consumption be approximately 20-30 grams. An excellent option to consume fiber is through the fruit, mainly fruits such as raspberry.

Eat salmon

As an oily fish, salmon contains essential nutrients for the adult, especially for its high content in Omega 3 and healthy fats that help prevent cardiovascular problems. It is recommended that people eat this fish at least once a week.

To have a healthy life, people must exercise consistently, hydrate a lot, and eat a balanced diet according to their age and the needs of their bodies.