Can sport affect your mouth?

The sports practice has associated oral problems to which we must be vigilant. The main ones are:

Caries: dehydration, the consumption of products to hydrate with high levels of sugar, carbohydrates, minerals and acids or drinks with a low Ph promote the appearance of caries. The energy bars can also help the formation of cavities, as they stick to the teeth and remain in areas that are not easily accessible with the brush. In addition, when we exercise we inhale a lot of air through the mouth, the result of fatigue and fatigue that leads us to breathe in that way, causing the mouth to dry and there is less saliva to protect it from cavities and other problems. It is estimated that dental caries has a prevalence of between 15 and 75% in elite athletes.
Inflammation of the gums: the composition of the saliva changes with the practice of sport-it becomes progressively more alkaline-which triggers the formation of tartar. If bacterial plaque is not removed or treated, inflammation of the gums develops, known as gingivitis, and may progress to periodontitis, when the problems of inflammation of the gums are accompanied by bone loss.
Dental yellowing: in sports such as swimming or water polo, that is, those in which one is in continuous contact with the water of the pools, the appearance of a yellowish tone on the teeth is usually seen by the action of the chemical agents that are used to keep the water clean.
Dental wear or bruxism: Stress and tension at the time of exercising, especially in the case of elite athletes or during competitions, causes the jaws to be tightened excessively making the contact of some teeth against others. greater, leading to wear of the parts and pains in the chewing muscles and the temporomandibular joint.
Dental injuries: many sports, such as football, basketball and handball, increase the risk of trauma to the teeth, with breakages, movements and even tooth loss – 39% of the teeth lost in the population is due to traumatism sports-. In contact sports, such as boxing or rugby, it is not as frequent because mouthguards are part of riding.

How bad oral health affects sports performance
As we have said, oral health, which is achieved mainly through good hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, is also important in athletes because any problem in the oral cavity can affect their physical abilities and performance. With all the new research that has been done, nothing has been found about the sport affecting the orthodontics Tijuana.